Our Partners

Our Partners

A family business with tradition.

Our partners

Our partners are a textile company in Guatemala established in 1956. The charming family business has had the maxim to produce sustainable textile products that comply with, outperform, and redefine ecologic and social standards in the textile industry.

Fair wages, clearly above average and decent, and secure working conditions go hand-in-hand with an open-door-policy that permits to witness every step of the production processes on-site. The highly progressive denim-recycling method that they developed recently contributes the material to our Dépasz shopper bag and is the latest and most innovative line of production of this forward-looking company.

About Dépasz

Who we are

Dépasz is an independent, owner-managed design agency based in Cologne, Germany. Matthias Jakob and his team believe in developing design products that use innovative and sustainable materials that help save the planet’s resources.

BUT: We need your help to continue our journey and develop more design products that help protect our world’s resources!

Please be part of our journey and support us!
Matthias Jakob, Dépasz

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