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The challenge

Chemical-free, dye-free, minimal use of water and energy

The cultivation of the very thirsty cotton plant is using billions of liters of fresh water each year. Moreover, fertilizer and pesticides continuously spoil our waters worldwide.
The conventional textile industry uses tons of chemicals for dyeing and softening the fabrics they produce.
What’s left over are huge amounts of highly toxic wastewater that endanger our environment.
That is only one example of an industry that is working as if our world’s resources would be unlimited. No chemicals, no dyeing substances. No pesticides or fertilizers are used. Dépasz believes that creating fashion and saving resources can go hand in hand. Our fashionable shopper bag is made out of high-quality denim fabric, that has been recycled out of pre-consumer denim waste.

It has an outstanding eco-balance. The innovative manufacturing process of the recycled yarn is chemical-free, dye-free, and uses minimal water and energy. Over 4.000 liters of water are saved per bag! Zero waste!